• Man Agricultural H3B Turbo 3528239

Man Agricultural H3B Turbo 3528239


Product origin Fengcheng City. Liaoning Province. China

Delivery time 7 Work Days

Supply capacity Min 1 Set-Max 5000 Sets/ Month

MAN Truck is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. On another hand, the commercial vehicle industry is facing large number of challenges such as people expect more emission-free in operation for future vehicle.
Turbocharging technology is now a more popular way to increase engine power. Actually the principle is very simple. For Man agricultural H3B turbocharger 3528239, both ends of the turbocharger are connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine and the intake pipe on the other side. The exhaust gas will drive the turbine to rotate after the engine starts running. The turbine at the intake end will produce a compressor effect on the engine's intake manifold when the speed reaches a certain level.

Man Agricultural H3B Turbo 3528239

In order to meet the requirement of market development, we further develops various turbocharger for for diesel engine. As  Man agricultural H3B turbocharger 3528239, it perfectly designed for D2842LX engine.

The biggest advantage of turbocharger is that it can greatly increase the power and torque of the engine without increasing the displacement of the engine. Turbocharged engines are not only more fuel-efficient, but also reduce CO (carbon monoxide), CH (hydrocarbon) and PM (particulates) in emissions. The H3B turbocharger for MAN agricultural  D2842LX engine is simple in structure, easy to install, and has wide technical adaptability. It can be applied from low speed to high speed, from two-stroke to four-stroke and from small bore to large bore. In addition, the noise of turbocharged engines is smaller than naturally aspirated engines.

As the price of global gas is increasing constantly, more business owners would like to purchase a truck which has more horse power and fuel-efficiency in operation simultaneously. Our H3B Turbocharger 3528239 is best option for your MAN Truck.

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Dandong City. Liaoning Province. China

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MAN Agricultural D2842LX


Our company specializes in the production of automobile supercharger, engineering vehicle supercharger, generator set supercharger. Strong technical force, receiving customized processing. We are located in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, northeast of China. We are specialized in turbocharger industry that we have professional team for production. All of our employees are experienced. We have received large number of excellent comments for our service from customers. We combine domestic market with foreign trade with hundreds of companies all around the world such as Europe, North America. We have high quality control inspection process to make each part must pass the standard. Our goal is to keep our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We provide a 6-months warranty. The warranty does not include damage resulting from improper installation or other uses. We recommend professional installation. Our packaging time for the product which is ready to deliver is approximately 7 days. We try our best to make our customers shipment accurate and fast. Except for that , we have complete packaging system. Our employees in packaging and shipping department are being well trained. Our priority is to keep our customers part in high quality condition. We provide high protection material for packing and comprehensive truck loading process.

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