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  • MAN Commercial Vehicle HX40 Turbocharger 3593920
  • MAN Commercial Vehicle HX40 Turbo 3593920

    MAN Commercial Vehicle HX40 Turbo 3593920

    MAN Truck is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. On another hand, the commercial vehicle industry is facing large number of challenges such as people expect more emission-free in operation for future vehicle. Turbocharging technology is now a more popular way to increase engine power. Actually the principle is very simple. For Man commercial vehicle HX40 turbocharger 3593920, both ends of the turbocharger are connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine and the intake pipe on the other side. The exhaust gas will drive the turbine to rotate after the engine starts running. The turbine at the intake end will produce a compressor effect on the engine's intake manifold when the speed reaches a certain level.

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